Are you an Under Earner?

Date: 2/12/2006

Here are some ideas to help people who are not earning enough income and would like to increase it...

1) The bottom line is to believe in your self worth.  If you undervalue yourself, others will, too.  Write down some of your attributes and carry them around with you to look at any time you feel you need affirmation.

 Here are some bad habits that you may have formed as a result of undervaluing yourself:

--Overvolunteering: You can volunteer here and there, especially to get some initial exposure.   However, after you have been doing something for a while you deserve to get paid for it. 

--Undercharging: Don't undercharge for your services.   Do some research and find out what the going rate is and charge that.   You can throw in a couple of extras if you like--but you still received what you deserved.

--Image:  Don't speak about yourself in a self-defeating way.   One way to give a realistic description of yourself is to think up an exagerrated way of describing yourself.   Then come back to the middle and describe yourself truthfully.

--True Self Worth:  Remember that your true self worth is not determined by how much money you earn.  Some criminals earn a lot of money but no one thinks of them as great people.   Teaching is one of the most important jobs and pays relatively little.   Parents get paid nothing at all!

2) When looking for new opportunities don't follow every single lead.  That will probably just exhaust and frustrate you.  Choose wisely and put your efforts where they may bear fruit.

3) Find opportunities to show your boss that you are making a difference.