I offer the following seminars: 


 "How To Communicate with Almost Anyone"

This is a hands-on seminar that will help you upgrade your effectiveness as a communicator Topics include: Keys to Effective Communication .....How to Build Rapport.....Disagreeing without Arguing.....Avoiding Misunderstandings.....Talking with Difficult People.....Values: Connecting with People.....Showing Empathy.....NLP Negotiation Skills.....Handling Insults Elegantly.....Dealing with Hecklers without Losing your Cool.....Giving Rebuke without Hurt.....How to be Pleasantly Assertive.....Conversation Skills.....Conflict Resolution..... How to Listen Well.....Anger Management Skills... Dealing With Criticism and Insults.....and more! (time: 20 hours).


"NLP Counseling and Coaching Skills"

This is a user-friendly seminar for anyone who needs to positively influence other people! Topics include: How People Create Problems.....4 Ways People Avoid Dealing with their Problems.....Ascertaining the Root of the Problem.....Low Self Esteem.....Powerful Language Patterns to Shift Their Perceptions.....Constructing Metaphors.....Reframing: Looking at Problems Resourcefully.....Developing Solution Oriented Thinking.....and more! (time: 21 hours)


"Personal Breakthrough Workshop"

This is a unique, dynamic seminar to help you develop your potential, overcome mental blocks, and begin to realize your goals This workshop teaches NLP techniques to get unstuck--- then choose, plan, and follow through on your goal. 

"Anger Management "


You will learn how to:

  • Anticipate and deal with challenging situations in your home
  • Prevent yourself from getting angry
  • Imrpove relationships and communication with family members 
  • Create a calmer atmosphere in your home
  • Maintain self-control...and more! 


Decision Making


  • How to avoid making costly,  disastrous mistakes
  • How to explore options and select the best ones
  • When and how to rely on logic or intuition
  • How to follow through on your decisions

I also offer Communication skills one-session seminars:

  • Disagreeing Without Arguing
  • "That''s NOT what I meant!"--How to avoid misunderstandings
  • How to Become a Better Conversationalist
  • It's not just what you say...Non-verbal communication:  gestures,  facial expressions, and voice tones
  • How to Assert Yourself,  Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts


--All seminars include hands-on exercises, practical techniques, and group discussion