--given by Rabbi Shlomo Kory

---A) Inter-Personal Communication Skills:

1) Disagreeing Without Arguing
2) That's NOT What I Meant!"- Avoiding Misunderstandings
3) How to Become a Better Conversationalist
4) It's Not Just What You Say..... How Non-Verbal Communication can upgrade or ruin your message
5) Expressing Yourself:  To Demand, to Request, to Joke, or to Say it Matter of Factly?
6)  How to Assert Yourself,  Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts
7) Conquering כעס--Anger Management in yourself and in others

---B) Life Skills

8) Decision Making
9) Breakthrough! Goal Achievement and Personal Development 
10) NLP Techniques and Language Patterns for Therapy, Counseling, Coaching

---All seminars include hands-on exercises, practical techniques, and group discussion 

---Can be given in English or in Hebrew

---Suitable for large and small groups.  Private sessions available