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NLP Jerusalem

Shlomo Kory

Rabbi Shlomo Kory

Certified Master-Practitioner of NLP


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Upcoming Seminars... 

Inter-Personal Communication Skills

starts Motzai Shabbat  יא' חשון,  8:30 at Chanichei Hayeshivos Shul , Zichron Yaakov 6 in Romema, Jerusalem-- for Men only -- 8 sessions-- first session free

How to Talk to People About their Problems

for parents, educators, friends, and people in the helping professions

in one session

--- at The Place  in Ramat Eshkol , Jerusalem (for Women only), on Tuesday evening Nov. 19th from 8-10-- 35 Shekel  

--at the Israel Center,  22 Keren Heyesod , Thursday evening, Dec. 5,  from 7-9

Decision Making

in January in Romema, Jerusalem

in one session

Details will be posted here